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Re: I still do not know how to use -rpath with libtool+automake

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Re: I still do not know how to use -rpath with libtool+automake
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 08:50:47 -0800
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On Monday 21 February 2005 04:08 am, Gary V. Vaughan wrote:
> Hallo Bruce!
> Cc:ing automake list incase I need to be corrected here...

> Automake generates the -rpath flags for libtool automagically, so you
> shouldn't try to add your own.  The key is in how the libraries are linked,
> and whether they too have .la files:
> i) if you use ../lib/ to link a library in your local tree, automake
> will set the -rpath up and generate a wrapper script to do what you want.
> ii) if you use -L/path -lfoo, and there is a /path/, automake will
> still do what you want in the build tree, but libtool doesn't relink correctly
> at installation time on platforms that need it (HP and AIX IIRC).
> iii) if you use -L/path -lfoo but there is no /path/, then I think
> libtool might mess up the -rpath and end up pulling in the wrong library in
> the build tree runtime, and possibly install a program not able to find
> /path/ at runtime.
> In short, you want (i) for libs in the build tree, and to get that use:
>    prog_LDADD = ../lib/

Hi Gary!!

YES!  That explains all the symptoms I've been hassling over.  The deal is
is that I ship autoconf macros for using the autoopts library.  Rather than
have a duplicate, essentially identical second set, I leverage off of these
for configuring the autogen build.  Ah, silly me.  I've got to rejigger the
macros to emit ``-L/path -lopts'' only for configuring autoopts client programs
*other* than autogen.  Thank you again!!

Regards, Bruce

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