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Re: AC_DEFINE_DIR in autoconf

From: Leonardo Boiko
Subject: Re: AC_DEFINE_DIR in autoconf
Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2005 17:55:48 -0400
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Baurjan Ismagulov wrote:
I would ideally prefer to have a single configuration file, namely,

I don't want to talk about the GNU conformance because I have the same
doubts as you :) but as for having a single file, I often have to
do lots of tests of things defined in config.h,  so I usually need
another header anyway.  If config.h has a "#define HAVE_FOO", I'll need
to do "#ifndef HAVE_FOO <code to define a replacement for foo>".  I put
all these tests in a "system.h" file.  In your case, I'd make "system.h"
include "<config.h>" and "datadir.h".

Leonardo Boiko

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