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Atomic control of subdirectories with recursive automake

From: Brian
Subject: Atomic control of subdirectories with recursive automake
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 17:11:57 -0600

I am in the planning stages of autoconfiscating a large project. The project 
will have a top-level <> and then several 
subdirectories which each generate an executeable and have a<>.

A specific feature I have been asked for is the ability to jump into any of 
the given subdirectories and run only that makfile, compiling only that 
program. Additionally, at configure time an option such as --enable-debug 
should be available, and if set, should create an additional debug version 
of each subdirectory using the same source files (with optionally different 
flags to custom programs) and leave the intermediate object files behind. In 
some sample tests where the only source file was main.c and bin_PROGRAMS = 
hello helloDebug, I was left with only one main.o. Of course I couldn't have 
two, but there was no "autorenaming" so to speak.

Is there any general guidance as to the best way to proceed in structuring 
the Autotools for this setup?

To recap:

   - Optionally make subdirectories individually 
   - Optionally keep separate intermediate files of simultaneous regular 
   and debug builds
    - Pass flags from configure all the way to individual debug builds (I 
   know how to enable the flags, just now how to make sure they make it all the 
   way down)

Brian Mingus

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