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Re: Atomic control of subdirectories with recursive automake

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Atomic control of subdirectories with recursive automake
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 22:23:47 -0600
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Brian wrote:
> I wanted to be a little more clear on this (since you brought up the idea of 
> subdirectories I have become keen on it)

Actually it was you who brought up the question of did it work in

> Suppose I wanted to make two versions of hello - one in /src/hello and one 
> in /src/hello/debug. Both programs would use src/hello/main.c as their 
> source file. 

Build both in a different directory to the side.  Keep the source
directory pristine with only source files there.  Build both the debug
and the optimized versions in different, separate directories.

> Is this possible while using only the <> in 
> /src/hello ?

Your use of "<>" is terribly confusing.  What do you
mean by that?  It is not a URL.  Please explain.

In addition to the good online documentation that accompanies the
autotools there is also the good documentation available both online
here below and as a honest to goodness paper copy for pleasant

Really you are to the point that you simply need to try it.  Just jump
in and try some small examples.


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