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Re: way to specify dependencies for lots of code files easily?

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Re: way to specify dependencies for lots of code files easily?
Date: Tue, 06 Dec 2005 08:53:57 -0800
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Ed Hartnett wrote:
Howdy all!

I am using automake to build my library, and I have a slew of test

# These programs are all built for make check in this directory.
check_PROGRAMS = tst_h_files tst_h_atts tst_h_vars tst_h_grps           \
tst_h_compounds tst_h_wrt_cmp tst_h_rd_cmp tst_h_vl tst_h_opaques       \
tst_h_strings tst_h_dimscales tst_h_dimscales2 tst_h_enums tst_lists    \
tst_dims tst_v2 tst_files tst_vars tst_varms tst_unlim_vars tst_atts    \
tst_converts tst_converts2 tst_grps tst_compounds tst_vl tst_opaques    \
tst_strings tst_interops

$(check_PROGRAMS) : ../nc_tests.h

These tests programs all depend on a common header file, which is in a
parent directory ../nc_tests.h

(It's in a parent directory because it's used by other test programs,
in other directories.)

Currently this dependency is not tracked. I can change the nc_test.h
file, then do a make check in the directory with all these tests, and
none of them will be rebuilt.

I believe that the way to add these dependencies is like this:

tst_h_files_DEPENDENCIES = ../nc_test.h
tst_h_atts_DEPENDENCIES = ../nc_test.h


But is there a way of telling automake that *all* the test programs are
dependent on ../nc_test.h?

Would if be different if I used the SOURCES primary? Like this:

tst_h_files_SOURCES tst_h_files.c ../nc_test.h
tst_h_atts_SOURCES tst_h_atts.c ../nc_test.h


Any suggestions would be welcome!



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