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Automake problem: one makefile for everything

From: Chapter33
Subject: Automake problem: one makefile for everything
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 12:16:07 EST


I hope you can help me.  I'm banging my 
head against the wall  here doing something that I think should be 
extremely simple, but just  cannot get Automake/Autoconf/libtool to do 
it the way I want it. 

If I have the following files: 


and I want a in the top-level source directory that  
compiles main1.c and main2.c into one library (say and  
mod1.c and mod2.c into in the modules directory.  Simple  
request huh?  But in *one*  How do I do it? 

This doesn't do the job: 

lib_LTLIBRARIES = modules/ 
libmain_la_SOURCES =  main1.c main2.c 
libmod_la_SOURCES = modules/mod1.c modules/mod2.c 

libtool doesn't like directory names in the lib_LTLIBRARIES variable.  
But if I go ... 


...then everything gets built in the top-level directory and I don't  
want that. 

Can anyone help?  My only work-around at present is to have a  separate 
Makefile in the modules sub-directory, but that won't work anymore  
because I'm building a binary in the top-level Makefile that depends on  
both earlier libraries, while libmod also depends on libmain, i.e. 

binary -> depends on modules/ and  
modules/ -> depends on 

If I use separate Makefiles, I'm going to need three to get around the  
dependencies and to get the build order right, and that's going to get  

Please help! 

Thanks in advance, 

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