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Re: Way to generate header files dependencies automatically

From: Marc Alff
Subject: Re: Way to generate header files dependencies automatically
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 10:36:31 -0700
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Hi Jeff

Jeff Safier wrote:
I am looking for a way that automake or any other tool to scan source
code (.c or .cpp) files and generate list of depedencies( meaning header
files) needed to compile the module.  And if there is another tool how
to interface it with automake

I think Automake does that out of the box, by using the "depcomp" script with the compiler (option -M).

Because the exact list of dependencies depends of the compiler flags (in case of conditionally included header files), computing the dependencies is as difficult as doing a build, so the philosophy is that dependencies are created **during** the build, as a side effect of compiling a *.c or *.cpp file.

Look at directories named ".deps", they contains "*.Po" files,
which are Makefile fragments listing the dependencies for a file.

I hope this helps,
Marc Alff.

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