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question about how the html version of a texinfo file is named...

From: Ed Hartnett
Subject: question about how the html version of a texinfo file is named...
Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 09:31:42 -0600
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Howdy all!

I am using automake 1.9.6, and I have some documents in texinfo form,
like this in my

info_TEXINFOS = netcdf.texi netcdf-install.texi netcdf-c.texi   \
netcdf-f77.texi netcdf-f90.texi netcdf-cxx.texi netcdf-tutorial.texi

Then I try: "make netcdf.html"

I get the following:

bash-3.00$ make netcdf.html
rm -rf netcdf.htp
if /bin/sh /shecky/n3_new/missing --run makeinfo --html   -I . \
 -o netcdf.htp `test -f 'netcdf.texi' || echo './'`netcdf.texi; \
then \
  rm -rf netcdf.html; \
  if test ! -d netcdf.htp && test -d netcdf; then \
    mv netcdf netcdf.html; else mv netcdf.htp netcdf.html; fi; \
else \
  if test ! -d netcdf.htp && test -d netcdf; then \
    rm -rf netcdf; else rm -Rf netcdf.htp netcdf.html; fi; \
  exit 1; \

I expect this to create a directory called "netcdf" with all the
component html files, in the usual makeinfo way.

But then if copies that to a directory called "netcdf.html" which is
strange to me. Why is this done? It causes me several problems:

1 - I was already using that name for the one-page html file I was
making with --no-split (some users want the manual as one page for
easy searching).

2 - I think it's confusing everywhere to have ".html" at the end
of the directoy name.

3 - This doesn't seem to work with the texinfo xref mechanism,
which expects the files to be in a directory called "netcdf" not
"netcdf.html." Since all these manuals contain cross-references, I
need the links to work so I can post the entire set of manuals on the
web site.

It seems like the best thing would be if there was a way to turn off
this directory renaming. Is that possible?

If not, how have other users of texinfo docs managed this?



Ed Hartnett  -- address@hidden

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