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A quick idea about dependencies w.r.t. files depending on `nodist_...' f

From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: A quick idea about dependencies w.r.t. files depending on `nodist_...' files
Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 19:42:39 -0400
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The following idea might already have been discussed.  I did not do
extensive research.  If it was, please tell me and point me to it.

Corrently code like the following...

#include "bar.h"


...--where `bar.h' is a `nodist_...' file, i.e. is generated by the build
system and is not shipped among the source files--is a bit problematic
when using Automake.  If not explicitly told, Automake doesn't (can't)
know that `foo.c' depends on `bar.h' prior to trying to compile `foo.c',
while will--of course--fail if `bar.h' hasn't been built before, be it by
chance or by an stating an explicit dependecy of `foo.c' on `bar.h'.

Scene change.

When creating the files that'll be overwritten afterwards to hold the
source files's actual dependencies, `config.status' currently only puts
``# dummy'' into e.g. `.deps/foo.Po'.

How to combine these.

What if `config.status' didn't put ``# dummy'' into these files, but
``$(DIST_SOURCES): $(filter-out $(DIST_SOURCES),$(SOURCES)'' instead?
Shouldn't that solve the above problem?


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