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Re: How to build src/server and src/client separately?

From: Marc Alff
Subject: Re: How to build src/server and src/client separately?
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 17:30:58 -0700
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Hi Andreas

Andreas Ntaflos wrote:
> Hello list, 
> I think this shouldn't be too difficult, but I couldn't find it in the 
> automake manual (possibly because I don't know exactly what to look 
> for).
> My project consists of $(topdir)/src/server and $(topdir)/src/client. 
> Issuing `./configure && make' in $(topdir) correctly builds server and 
> client, two otherwise unrelated programs. 
> I would like to be able to issue `make' to build both (current 
> behaviour) as well as `make server' and `make client' to build them 
> separately if I want to do so.
> I'd appreciate it if anyone could point me to the right section in TFM 
> or give me clues how to configure my project for the desired behaviour.
> Thanks in advance!
> Andreas

A suggestion is to add convenience targets in your :

client :
  $(MAKE) -C src/client all

server :
  $(MAKE) -C src/server all

both : client server
(not really needed, since make all will do that anyway)

If the client and server *really* have a separate code base,
you can also have two projects instead of one,
so that distributing a tarball with fixes on only one side
can be done independently of the other, but see below.

A reason to have client and server code in the same
project is when a common library is used by both,
for example to implement the protocol between the two
(common header file + code or an XML schema for the messages or
so that this code is not duplicated.
In that case, the client and server code base are not so independent,
they both depends on the common protocol, so likely there are 3 major
subdirectories in the code base (client, server, protocol).

client : protocol
  $(MAKE) -C src/client all

server : protocol
  $(MAKE) -C src/server all

protocol :
  $(MAKE) -C src/protocol all

Hope this helps,
Marc Alff.

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