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Filename extension guidelines and man page symlinks

From: Roy Hills
Subject: Filename extension guidelines and man page symlinks
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 11:21:39 +0100

I'm developing a small GPL application using automake and autoconf.
The main application is written in C, but there are a few support programs
which are written in Perl.

I have two questions, which I hope that someone can help me with:

1.  Are there any guidelines on file naming conventions for Perl scripts?

In particular, should it be called "", or just "foo"?  Currently, I'm
using the latter naming convention, and include them with the following
line in

   dist_bin_SCRIPTS =

2.  If the naming convention is to use the ".pl" extension, is it possible
to configure automake so that "make install" will create a man page
symlink, so it is accessible as either "man foo" or "man"?

Currently, I'm just installing the man page using the basename, thus:

   dist_man_MANS = arp-scan.1 get-oui.1 arp-fingerprint.1

(arp-scan.1 is for the C program, so is not relevant to this question, but
the other two are).

However, this can cause confusion as the man page and the command name
are different ("man get-oui" v ""). I'd like to install symlinks so that
the man page is available both with and without the .pl extension.

I guess I could just include additional files in the man_MANS section, but
that doesn't seem the correct thing to do.


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