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RE: multiline variables and AC_SUBST

From: David Byron
Subject: RE: multiline variables and AC_SUBST
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2006 12:20:29 -0700

> indeed, multiline variables do not work with Automake.
> In a future release, the substituted multiline value should be
> escaped by default, so that the resulting makefile works correctly.

Good news.

> In the meantime, there is a workaround available: use the
> undocumented macro _AM_SUBST_NOTMAKE([FOO]) to instruct automake that
> this variable is to be omitted from the generated

I tried _AM_SUBST_NOTMAKE, but I see the following error: error: possibly undefined macro: _AM_SUBST_NOTMAKE
      If this token and others are legitimate, please use m4_pattern_allow.
      See the Autoconf documentation.

Using m4_pattern_allow lets autoconf finish but then configure fails since
it doesn't know what to do with _AM_SUBST_NOTMAKE.  I grepped through the
source of automake 1.9.6 and didn't find _AM_SUBST_NOTMAKE.  Any chance the
macro has a different name?

Thanks for your help.


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