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Per-library CFLAGS to appear after user-defined CFLAGS

From: Daniel Drake
Subject: Per-library CFLAGS to appear after user-defined CFLAGS
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 15:19:34 -0400


I'd like to force a compiler flag on a certain library in my
and ensure that the user cannot override it's behaviour. I want to do
something like:

        mylib_la_CFLAGS = -O0

to disable optimization.

However, automake puts mylib_la_CFLAGS *before* the user-defined CFLAGS
so it ends up using:

        -O0 -some-user-flag -O2 -other-user-flags

and this isn't what I want, since my flag is overridden.

To get around this, I am forced to do:

        override CFLAGS := `echo @CFLAGS@ | sed 's/-O[0-9]//g'`
        mylib_la_CFLAGS = -O0

(and then if I want any other libraries in the same
optimized I must explicitly set an optimization level for each one..)

Is there a nicer way?


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