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The automake/libtool way to make a dynamic lib from multiple sources

From: Ryan McDougall
Subject: The automake/libtool way to make a dynamic lib from multiple sources
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 18:40:37 +0900

 I apologize if this has been answered somewhere. Ive read the book and
searched the archives.

 My situation is this: 

Im porting a large code-base from windows to linux, and attempting to
use autotools to do so. The code in SVN is essentially one big tree of
somewhat related modules -- lets call them foo, bar, etc (Projects under
MS VS). I need to produce 3 dynamic libraries that can be built from
those modules -- lets call them,, and (Solutions under
VS). They depend on a non-overlapping, non-disjoint set of the source
code modules in the directory. Directories for A, B, and C also
contain .cpp files and appear in the same parent directory as foo, bar,

Currently I have all directories building respective ""s --
including,, and, and have them installing correctly.

- I dont need the foo,bar,etc constituent libraries, I just need A,B,C
libraries, which means I have to manually delete them from the install
location afterwords
- I would like to be able to type "Make A" from the parent directory,
and have the build system figure out which among foo,bar,etc libraries
are needed by A and build them in the manner you would expect
- I would like to accomplish this with a minimum of messing with the
file hierarchy. Since Visual Studio can manage this feat, Im hoping its
not above autotools!

What do you recommend great wizards of autotoolry?


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