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Re: Forcing static link of libstdc++

From: Stefan Puiu
Subject: Re: Forcing static link of libstdc++
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 11:48:14 +0300

Hi Mike,

I've just had the 'pleasure' to deal with the limitations of Flash 7
on Linux, so I would say I'm quite interested in version 9 coming out
as soon as possible. That's why this might sound off topic.

I also think Ralf's suggestion about parallel versions for and is the best; it's fairly easy to
have two versions of gcc installed on the Linux build machine, and
then use something like g++-3.3 for and g++-4.0 (or
3.4) for version 6. That sounds a *LOT* easier than all the hacks you
mention in your blog.

Also, compared to the obscure problems in the approach you've chosen
outlined by Ralf and Johan Petersson's article, Flash 7's problems on
Linux (use of the OSS API, videos on youtube exhibiting sync problems
between audio and video, alleged instability and memory leaks caused
to Firefox) look negligible.

Just my two cents,

On 9/26/06, Ralf Wildenhues <address@hidden> wrote:
I would think building two different plugins, one for version 5 and one
for version 6 is a safer bet.

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