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LIBTOOLFLAGS missing in install-%DIR%LTLIBRARIES and uninstall-%DIR%LTLI

From: Francesco Salvestrini
Subject: LIBTOOLFLAGS missing in install-%DIR%LTLIBRARIES and uninstall-%DIR%LTLIBRARIES targets
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 09:32:42 +0100
User-agent: KMail/1.9.5


I tried to pass the --silent flag to libtool via AM_LIBTOOLFLAGS,
LIBTOOLFLAGS and LIBRARY_LIBTOOLFLAGS but my flags don't get passed
to libtool in the install and uninstall targets.

At the first instance I've (apparently) solved my problem by placing the
following substitution in

  LIBTOOL="$LIBTOOL --silent"

As far as I know this seems not a good idea (the user should be free
to pass his own flags) so i reverted the solution and, while
investigating the problem, i found that some automake targets
(namely install-*LTLIBRARIES and uninstall-*LTLIBRARIES) don't pass
the LIBTOOLFLAGS variable to libtool.

The following patch fixes my problem but i don't know if this is
a *bad* idea ...

BTW: I'm using automake-1.10. 

Best Regards,
Francesco Salvestrini

---       2007-02-12 23:00:29.000000000 +0100
+++    2007-02-12 23:01:05.000000000 +0100
@@ -47,8 +47,8 @@
 ## if the program doesn't have a name that libtool expects.
 ## Use INSTALL and not INSTALL_DATA because libtool knows the right
 ## permissions to use.
-?LIBTOOL?          echo " $(LIBTOOL) --mode=install 
'$(DESTDIR)$(%NDIR%dir)/$$f'"; \
-?LIBTOOL?          $(LIBTOOL) --mode=install $(%DIR%LTLIBRARIES_INSTALL) 
$(INSTALL_STRIP_FLAG) "$$p" "$(DESTDIR)$(%NDIR%dir)/$$f"; \
+?LIBTOOL?          echo " $(LIBTOOL) $(LIBTOOLFLAGS) --mode=install 
'$(DESTDIR)$(%NDIR%dir)/$$f'"; \
+?LIBTOOL?          $(LIBTOOL) $(LIBTOOLFLAGS) --mode=install 
"$(DESTDIR)$(%NDIR%dir)/$$f"; \
'$$p' '$(DESTDIR)$(%NDIR%dir)/$$f'"; \
"$(DESTDIR)$(%NDIR%dir)/$$f"; \
          else :; fi; \
@@ -66,8 +66,8 @@
        @list='$(%DIR%_LTLIBRARIES)'; for p in $$list; do \
 ?BASE?   p=$(am__strip_dir) \
-?LIBTOOL?        echo " $(LIBTOOL) --mode=uninstall rm -f 
'$(DESTDIR)$(%NDIR%dir)/$$p'"; \
-?LIBTOOL?        $(LIBTOOL) --mode=uninstall rm -f 
"$(DESTDIR)$(%NDIR%dir)/$$p"; \
+?LIBTOOL?        echo " $(LIBTOOL) $(LIBTOOLFLAGS) --mode=uninstall rm -f 
'$(DESTDIR)$(%NDIR%dir)/$$p'"; \
+?LIBTOOL?        $(LIBTOOL) $(LIBTOOLFLAGS) --mode=uninstall rm -f 
"$(DESTDIR)$(%NDIR%dir)/$$p"; \
 ?!LIBTOOL?       echo " rm -f '$(DESTDIR)$(%NDIR%dir)/$$p'"; \
 ?!LIBTOOL?       rm -f "$(DESTDIR)$(%NDIR%dir)/$$p"; \

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