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meaning of @variablename@

From: Arun Jain
Subject: meaning of @variablename@
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 10:06:17 -0800

Hello Group,

I am new to this utility (automake).  I am working on Linux platform with
KDE libraries.  I came across some variable names
in the makefile such as

srcdir = @srcdir <address@hidden>@
top_srdcdir = @top_srcdir@

My question is;

1.  Do the variable names under two @ signs have any special meaning in
2.  If not can I use two @ for any variable name.
3.  What does automake convey/mean when someone wraps a variable name in two
4.  Are there some special variables like "SET_MAKE", which always have
special meaning.

Could someone help me.



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