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Problem generating correct Makefile

From: Niklas Schnelle
Subject: Problem generating correct Makefile
Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2007 20:44:00 +0200

Dear automake community
I'm currently learing gtkmm and as recommended I will use Autotools for
So as to get used to Autotools I tried creating a minimal Autotools
project, which should compile a HelloWorld program written in C++.
I've got Autotools to create a configure file and a Makefile but the
problem is that the Makefile doesn't work because there is a \ inserted
which makes the line which should compile the sources to object files

#   if $(CXXCOMPILE) -MT $@ -MD -MP -MF "$(DEPDIR)/$*.Tpo" -c -o $@ $<; \
#   then mv -f "$(DEPDIR)/$*.Tpo" "$(DEPDIR)/$*.Po"; else rm -f 
"$(DEPDIR)/$*.Tpo"; exit 1; fi
   source='$<' object='$@' libtool=no \
   DEPDIR=$(DEPDIR) $(CXXDEPMODE) $(depcomp) \
   $(CXXCOMPILE) -c -o $@ $<
The thing is I don't know what causes this behavior the complete test
project I use is downloadable here: 

I appreciate your tips and ideas 

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