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Re: Problems with data files

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: Problems with data files
Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 20:07:08 +0200
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Hello Ganesh,

* Ganesh Kundapur wrote on Mon, May 26, 2008 at 10:43:50AM CEST:
>   My directory structure is
>   Game
>    -
>    - src
>      -
>    - inc
>    - data
>      <some files>
>      - audio
>     -
> Toplevel contains
>    datadir = /usr/share/game/data

Note that this setting here has several problems:

- It will not propagate from toplevel to other Makefiles.
In order to override a variable globally, do something like
   AC_SUBST([datadir], [$value])


- Actually, datadir is predefined by Autoconf, and while you can
override it, it is not such a good idea, because then the output of
  ./configure --help

will not tell the truth, for example.  You could set gamedir in, for example, and use that in the files.

- Your setting is absolute, instead of relative to, say, ${prefix}.
No installation directory should be passed in absolute, because your
users may want to (and have good reason to!) override it.  For example,
I may want to use "--prefix=$HOME/local" and expect all files to be
installed below my home directory, because that's where I have write

A better setting would be "'${datarootdir}'", which, incidentally, is
the default set by Autoconf.

"make distcheck" ensures that you do not define absolute directories.

- I wonder whether you should not touch the setting at all, and instead
just teach your users to
  ./configure --datadir=/usr/share/game/data

which will most likely do the right thing.  (Use --datarootdir if you
want docdir, infodir, localedir, and mandir to be adjusted as well.)

Please see
and references therein for more information on this.

> When i configure, Makefile will be created under src, data directories but
> not under data/audio directory. Makefile wont be created even if i put a
> entry under SUBDIRS

That's likely because you haven't listed that Makefile as

> in toplevel as
> game/
> ---------------------------
> datadir = /usr/share/game/data
> SUBDIR = src \
>                 data \
>                 data/audio
> and when i run make, i'm getting the fallowing errors due to absence of the
> Makefile under data/audio directory

This is likely just a followup error of above.

Hope that helps.


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