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install-exec-hook question

From: Maynard Johnson
Subject: install-exec-hook question
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2008 13:21:37 -0500
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I have a need to run some post-install commands that may print a message
that the user must see (so it must be near the end of the output).  I
was hoping that adding the install-exec-hook in my was the
answer.  However, when I run 'make install', what I see is something
like this:
Making install in .
make[1]: Entering directory 'my_project_dir'
make[2]: Entering directory 'my_project_dir'
make  install-exec-hook
make[3]: Entering directory 'my_project_dir'
<this is where my message to the user shows up>
make[3]: Leaving directory `my_project_dir'
make[2]: Nothing to be done for `install-data-am'.
make[2]: Leaving directory `my_project_dir'
make[1]: Leaving directory `my_project_dir'
. . . . then I see all of the usual messages where make recurses through
the subdirectories of my projects and installs executables and data
where appropriate.  So, obviously my post-install message gets lost in
the stream of install messages.

In some other posting on this list, I saw a statement that
"install-exec-hook recipe is executed as part of install-exec-am".  In
the generated Makefile, the install-exec-am target looks like this:

install-exec-am: install-exec-local
        $(MAKE) $(AM_MAKEFLAGS) install-exec-hook

If running on a multi-processor system, does the 'make
install-exec-hook' line run in parallel with the "normal install"?  In
short, is there a way to print out a user message at the end of 'make

Thanks in advance for any help.

-Maynard Johnson

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