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Re: Extra_dist cannot hold two long lists?

From: bonami
Subject: Re: Extra_dist cannot hold two long lists?
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 22:42:04 -0700 (PDT)

i barely understood the 3 different exports. anyway, as you said, it is
compiler dependent, which is not what i want. in the Windows part of my
program, i do use __declspec(export).

John Calcote-2 wrote:
> A117 wrote:
>> problem is, stdafx.* and targetver.* etc. should not go into this
>> library,
>> since they are to be used by VC project only.
>> I guess they have to go to EXTRA_DIST.
>> and, if I put tiny*.cpp to ..._SOURCES, the content in them will be
>> exposed
>> in the library, right, which is not what i wanted? I only want them to be
>> linked, but not exported. Under windows VC, I can specify which items to
>> be
>> exported, but using AutoMake, I donno how.
>> did not expect to receive a response so quick. thank you very much.
> In Linux, all symbols are exported by default, whereas in Windows, you
> must somehow indicate which symbols you want to export, using either
> __declspec(export), or a .def file.
> In Linux/Unix you can specify exports on a more granular level, but it's
> a fair amount of work to do so, and it depends on what you mean by
> "export", because there are about 3 different levels of "export". Check
> out the man page for gcc - search for the keyword, "export".
> Note also that these options are NOT portable. Some compilers and
> linkers simply don't give you the option of such granularity.
> Regards,
> John
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