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best way to structure project with an "empty" dir

From: John Richetta
Subject: best way to structure project with an "empty" dir
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2008 14:32:01 -0700

I have a project that has a directory structure like this:

            |                |    |
          AppDir           other dirs...
          |    |
          A    B

The top level of this project is where one invokes configure and make. However, the project has traditionally been structured such that the final executable resides in subdirectories of AppDir, and the actual source code primarily resides in subdirs of AppDir.

While the best answer is probably to reorganize this structure, let's say that time does not really permit this (nor is the client particularly keen to reorganize this project).

So, presently, I have a Makefile(.am) in AppDir that builds the application from subdirectory sources, and links the final executable, leaving it in AppDir. The Makefile(.am) in TopDir does almost nothing, besides invoke submakes. This is closest to how things have worked in the past.

The problem with how this is working given how I've set this up is that the top makefile generates an error, as I'm having it build a dummy application, with no source files. This isn't fatal, but I'd still really like to eliminate this error (without introducing dummy application source to be built).

I'm not sure how to achieve this: I've been over the documentation many times, and I'm pretty sure there is an example showing indirectly how to do this, but I'm having trouble finding it.

A pointer to it, or some advice about how to achieve this (ie., no built binary, but all submakes invoked), or some similar result, would be much appreciated.

Thanks, -jar

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