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In-tree datafiles

From: David Sveningsson
Subject: In-tree datafiles
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2008 22:24:34 +0200
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Hi, my project has some datafiles that is installed into pkgdatadir. I
would however like to use the in-tree datafiles when I am developing the

My directory layout looks something like this


Autoheader generates config.h with the define DATADIR (which corresponds
to pkgdatadir) and when I load a datafile I prepend DATADIR to the path:

load(DATADIR "/data/foo.dat");

This works great after installing the application but while I develop
the application it is a bit annoying to install it after each make. I
don't feel like symlinking or any other hack either.

What is the normal way to handle such situations? I mean, I can't be the
first to have this problem.

I was thinking something like a flag to configure which would set
pkgdatadir to ${top_srcdir) but it doesn't seem to be available at that
time as it always turns out empty.


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