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cyclic dependancy

From: Neel Basu
Subject: cyclic dependancy
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 12:03:20 +0530
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        |-- cgi++        .--->   <----.
        |   `-- jsutil     |--> ------'
        '-- src     ------'

libcgixx is the independant one and doesn't need any other libs to be compiled 
but libcgixx-js requirs libcgixx
for compilation. But the codes written in src directory requires both of them.

as after this is made I'll defenitely use make install and then these both 
will be separate librery.
and I want headers to be accessible as <cgi++/header.h> and jsutil headers as 
Its not possible to make jsutil on the top level.

Now how to tune the make system.

actually what I want is.
libcgixx-jsutil will be a static librery which will be linked with 
and will be a dynamically loadable librery.
But libcgixx-jsutil have dependancy for libcgixx.

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