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Re: cyclic dependancy

From: Neel Basu
Subject: Re: cyclic dependancy
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 12:09:38 +0530
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On Tuesday 28 Oct 2008 2:45:04 am Ralf Wildenhues wrote:

> Well, it would be better if you reordered your files and directories in
> a way so that they can be totally ordered, and no targets from makefiles
> early in the list depend upon targets later in the list.  It looks like
> it will be possible in your case, if you move and its
> sources to a separate directory and arrange for that to be visited
> before the other directories.  Alternatively, you can think about
> nonrecursive makefile structure; see here for details:
> <>

actually what I want is to create a Dynamic lib (so) say its name is and I want there will be  only one shared Object. and development 
of these is being don on cgi++ subdirectory.
But this can/should be splitted into different subprojects
and one of them is jsutil and I want all the subprojects under 
will be compiled to make a static lib/object of them which will be gathered 
together and build
But all these sub-subprojects depend upon
But I want only one shared object thats

Now in src/ I am running an application to test it. and src/ needs to do 
#include from cgi++/ and cgi++/sub directories.

However I want if src/ attaches only lib it will be compiled but 
currently It requires to attach both libs cause I cant attach 
with libcgixx-jsutil.a cause libcgixx-jsutil.a itself depends upon

There is one solution is to make cgi++/ a different subproject called 
cgi++/core and all cgi++/core and cgi++/jsutil and other cgi++/* will make 
their own objects which will be attached to make But the problem 
in this way is I want headers to be included as <cgi++/cgiapp.h> or <CGIApp>
etc.. so if its in core I need to do <cgi++/core/xxx.h> Which is not good at 

And I dont want to code something like dlopen() in My source code.

Hope I am able to make you understand Right ?? 

Zigmoyd PHP Framework

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