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Re: automake + .info files help needed

From: Matěj Týč
Subject: Re: automake + .info files help needed
Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2008 19:30:07 +0100

> First, do you build in-tree (./configure ...) or out-of-tree
> (../path/to/configure ...)?
I usually build in-tree and make distcheck build out-of-tree. Never came
across an .info file, though (I have used find -name "*.info" as told

> Second, if you
>   find $top_srcdir $top_builddir -name \*.info | xargs rm -f
> (with directory names suitably replaced) and then do 'make info',
> what is the output (again, cut and paste all output, please)?

Running find -name \*.info finds absolutely nothing even if the build
dir is under the source dir :-(. Running 'make' or 'make info' in the
docs/ subdir says that there is nothing to do. Always. Nothing worth
quoting IMHO :-)

However, I have made an important discovery: My .texi file contains
@setfilename command. If the command argument has .info suffix, no .info
file is built at all (this is the reported problem). However, if it does
not have a suffix (eg. @setfilename foo), an info file is built, but its
name is "foo" instead of "". Moreover using the .info suffix
(eg. @setfilename is encouraged by texinfo manual.
When I type 'make clean' in the doc/ directory, I can see that expected
result filenames are different from the real ones (if I type 'make dvi',
I get "Foo.dvi" as a result since the source filename was "Foo.texi".
However, automake thinks that the result is going to be "foo.dvi" since
this is the argument supplied to @setfilename inside the texinof source
file. So typing 'make clean' cleans all intermediate files, but not the
results). Automake deffinitely doesn't handle .texi files properly at
this moment...

> Lastly, please post the that is responsible for listing the
> info_TEXINFOS.
Included in the attachement

I also include two captured 'automake --verbose' calls, the difference
is between form of argument of @setfilename

Thank you for your attention!

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