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Re: A lot of help needed with the automake process

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: A lot of help needed with the automake process
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2008 12:26:41 +0100
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Hello Andrew,

* Andrew M. wrote on Sat, Nov 22, 2008 at 12:26:07AM CET:
> * There is only one source file (myapplet.c) in /src
> * I have two folders, /pixmaps e /conf, that contain some graphics for the
> applet and the initial configuration file

> * In the folder root I also have the .server file needed by Bonobo
> and this is what I want to accomplish:
> * The compiled binary has to end up in /usr/lib/gnome-applets/
> * The graphics (icons and a logo) have to be copied in
> /usr/share/pixmaps/myapplet
> * The configuration file has to be copied in ~/.myapplet/myapplet.conf *
> The .server file has to be copied in in /usr/lib/bonobo/servers/
> The configure script should also check for dependencies such as gtk+,
> glibc and libxml2.

typical recursive makefile setup:

--- ---
SUBDIRS = src pixmaps conf
bonoboserverdir = $(libdir)/bonobo/servers
dist_bonoboserver_DATA = .server

--- src/ ---
mylibexec_PROGRAMS = myapplet
myapplet_SOURCES = myapplet.c
mylibexecdir = $(libdir)/gnome-applets

--- pixmaps/ ---
pkgdata_DATA = pixmap1 pixmap2 ...

--- conf/ ---
# This a bit of a problem.  You should not arbitrarily install
# files outside of $(prefix), that brings a lot of problems with
# it.  Thus, install the conf file in an easily findable place
# ($prefix/etc/myapplet) and let your applet (or the install code)
# recommend to your users to put it in ~/.myapplet.

pkgsysconfdir = $(sysconfdir)/myapplet
dist_pkgsysconf_DATA = myapplet.conf

AC_INIT([myapplet], [1.0], [bugreport-address])
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ src/ pixmaps/

Then run
  autoreconf -vif

I'm sure there is lots of stuff still missing, like needed libraries and
header checks and whatnot.  But this should get you started.


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