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Re: AX_ADD_AM_MACRO creates circular dependencies

From: Allan Caffee
Subject: Re: AX_ADD_AM_MACRO creates circular dependencies
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2009 10:43:55 -0500

On Thu, 12 Feb 2009, Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
> > I've noticed that a handful of the packages in the Autoconf archives
> > use the macros AX_ADD_AM_MACRO and AX_ADD_RECURSIVE_AM_MACRO.  These
> > macros add targets and variable assignments to a generated file
> > $(top_srcdir)/  Users are then intended to add a line
> > like
> >
> > include $(top_srcdir)/
> >
> > to whichever needs the provided functionality.  The
> > problem with this is that now depends on
> > And is created by configure.  And in turn configure
> > cannot be run (successfully) without  So in order to even
> > get a useable build system the developer has to touch
> Hmm, ok.

Actually I've done a little more research here and it turns out that my initial
understanding was flawed, which brings me to one of your later points.

> In the other case, with ordinary makefile stuff only, I would include
> them in a way that is not visible to automake.
> In fact, reading the documentation at
> <>,
> it recommends a method that uses such a substituted variable.

Right you are, the user is instead expected to place @INC_AMINCLUDE@ in the  As you suggested this hides the inclusion from Automake.
AX_ADD_AM_MACRO does not create Automake rules as the name would suggest but
rather it creates _Make_ rules.

Of course relying on includes like this in turn makes the build system less
portible (as you mentioned).  Ideally the macro archive would provide a way to
produce these rules in a way that they would be available for Automake to work
its magic.  I'm working on a patch series that would allow macro developers
provide an Automake include-able file which will be available before Automake
is run.  I'd be happy to CC this list if there is no objection.

> Automake internally has a couple of substed variables for this, too.
> The respective statement looks like this:
>   @am__include@ @address@hidden@am__quote@

Yes that's how Automake manages to provide dependencies as a side effect of
compilation, right?  I remember abusing this at one point to get the Autotools
to make use of some automatic dependencies generated by a script of mine. :)


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