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Re: Appending to builtin Automake variables from an included file

From: Allan Caffee
Subject: Re: Appending to builtin Automake variables from an included file
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2009 19:25:29 -0500
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On Thu, 26 Feb 2009, Jeroen N. Witmond [Bahco] wrote:
> I'm not an expert on automake, but perhaps you've chosen the wrong
> solution to your problem: maintainer-cleaning some additional files. I
> would have thought target maintainer-clean-local was invented for this
> purpose! :) (However, I have never needed to use it.)
> See for instance

Well yes.  The maintainer-clean-local hook would allow an included
snippet to delete some files but that would prevent the main
from being able to define a maintainer-clean-local target.  I was hoping
for something that, if used in an Automake snippet provided by a third
party, would not interfere with the developer at all.  For example a
macro in the Autoconf archive that generates Automake code.
Unfortunatly I don't think anything quite like this exists in Automake
atm. :(  How difficult would it be to allow third parties to hook into
special Automake targets like the *-local targets?  For example a macro
could provide a rule like:

        -rm -rf $(DOXYGEN_HTML_DIR)

And Automake would graciously add that (and any other rules with the
same target name) as prerequisites to maintainer-clean.  What do you
guys think?


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