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tracking dependencies of built sources

From: dherring
Subject: tracking dependencies of built sources
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 12:00:37 -0400 (EDT)
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Hi all,

I'm using Qt 4's moc to generate source files in an autotools project.

The pattern looks something like

cat <<_EOF >
# Makefile fragment
test_SOURCES=a.cpp b.cpp
test_META=a.hpp b.hpp
test_LDADD = $(test_META:%.hpp=%_moc.$(OBJEXT))

%_moc.cpp : %.hpp
        $(QT_MOC) -o $@ $<

This all works fine for building the project, but it doesn't track dependencies for the moc source files properly. The dependencies are getting dropped in $(DEPDIR)/*_moc.Po, but the Makefile doesn't have any lines which actually include them.

Here's an extract from the fictitious Makefile generated by the above input.

        -rm -f *.tab.c

include ./$(DEPDIR)/a.Po
include ./$(DEPDIR)/b.Po


What automake incantation do I need to get this to also say
include ./$(DEPDIR)/a_moc.Po
include ./$(DEPDIR)/b_moc.Po


These files are being generated, but the makefile never uses them, leading to subtle recompilation errors...


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