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Re: Finding library procedures in /usr/local/lib/

From: Jan Engelhardt
Subject: Re: Finding library procedures in /usr/local/lib/
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2009 18:25:46 +0200 (CEST)
User-agent: Alpine 2.00 (LSU 1167 2008-08-23)

On Thursday 2009-04-02 23:45, Gerald I. Evenden wrote:

>After trying so many options related to libraries I am exhausted.
>I have a simple program that needs to link with a shared library installed 
>in /usr/local/lib.
>When using my own simple Makefile and simply adding "-lproject -lm" everything 
>works fine (libproject is the shared library).
>But regardless of how many tests, etc., I do in the .ac and .am files I cannot 
>get the final Makefile to link with "project."

Perhaps you need ./configure LDFLAGS="-L/usr/local/lib"? I remember
having to do that on MSYS and some BSDs (along with
-I/usr/local/include in CFLAGS).

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