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Re: seperate CFLAGS/LFLAFS

From: Philip Herron
Subject: Re: seperate CFLAGS/LFLAFS
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 17:52:07 +0100
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Christian Rössel wrote:
> Philip Herron wrote:
>> Hey
>> I was just wondering say you have a like this:
>> bin_PROGRAMS= myprog
>> AM_YFLAGS= -d
>> mprog_CFLAGS= -I$(top_srcdir)/include
>> myprog_SOURCES= foo1.c foo2.c bla.l bla_gram.y bla2.l bla bla bla....
>> Can you specify seperate FLAG like LFLAG to one single source.
>> Like it would solve alot of problems if you could run this but run the
>> lexer -Pprefix option on only one of those lexer files. or specify
>> sperate prefixes for each lexer/yacc
>> -Phil
> Hi Phil,
> I not sure if this applies also to your lexer stuff, but there is an
> "Per-Object Flags Emulation", see
> Cheers,
> Christian
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Guys i am so happy right now i finally fixed my multiple lexer problem
for good!

I'll outline here what i done just to get around it. So its a closed
topic and put it up on my blog :P so as i dont loose it because there
are like 3 main approaches to doing it but automake with ylwrap does the

So What i have its one main program, it has to lexers: foo1.l foo2.l

the foo2.l also has a foo2_grammar.y. and some other c files etc...

So my looks like:

bin_PROGRAMS= myprogram

AM_YFLAGS = -d -p re_
myprogram_CFLAGS= -I$(top_srcdir)/include
myprogram_SOURCES= foo_a.c foo_b.c foo_c.c foo1.l foo2.l foo2_grammar.y

Becuase i only have one grammar file this can work but i'll show the
work around for multiple grammar's and multiple lexers.

So i can leave one of those lexers are default, i left the foo1.l as
default yy prefix because its ok.

But the 2nd lexer foo2.l:

Just after your top header definitions just before your lexer stuff add
in this:

//make sure your leave the outfile to lex.yy.c for ylwrap to be pleased
:P gives you the error something about -s being missing because ylwrap
auto renames anyways.

%option prefix="re_" outfile="lex.yy.c"

change the "re_" -> whatever you want your prefix to be: so then also
inside your lexer change your stuff to your prefix like:

void re_error(const char *str)
  fprintf(stderr,"Error: %s\n",str);

int re_wrap()
  return 1;

int run_parser( const char* rulesPath )
  FILE *rules= fopen(rulesPath, "r");
  if( rules == (FILE*)0 ) {
    fprintf(stderr, "Cannot open file: %s\n", rulesPath);
    return 1;
  //change default input to the file instead of stdin..
  re_in= rules;

  return 0;

notice the re_in instead of yyin the re_parse instead of yyparse()
re_wrap instead of yywrap re_error instead of yyerror

Then remember in my

AM_YFLAGS = -d -p re_

the -p works for the yacc.
But the -Pprefix for flex causes erros for automake + ylwrap.

This all seems to work for me ok. But say you have 2 lexers each with
their own grammar i would make them like libraries like this:

And then its seperate but also do different prefixes. like this! But its
all easier than it sounds. Thanks very much for you all anwsering my
questions :)

- -Phil
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