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How to pass parameters to test program

From: Dmitry V. Krivenok
Subject: How to pass parameters to test program
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 16:18:25 +0400
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I implemented some tests for my library using Boost.Test.
Resulting test executable works fine.
It's automatically executed when I run "make check".

The problem is that I want to pass parameters (--report_level=detailed --log_level=all)
to my test program via command line.
How can I specify parameters to be passed to test executable during "make check"?
Is it possible at all?

Thank you beforehand!

Sincerely yours, Dmitry V. Krivenok
Orange System Co., Ltd.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
work phone: +7 812 332-32-40
cellular phone: +7 921 576-70-91
e-mail: address@hidden
skype: krivenok_dmitry
jabber: address@hidden
icq: 242-526-443

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