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Dependencies for texinfo

From: John Darrington
Subject: Dependencies for texinfo
Date: Fri, 1 May 2009 07:58:30 +0800
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The automake manual says:

 Sometimes an info file actually depends on more than one .texi
 file. For instance, in GNU Hello, hello.texi includes the file
 gpl.texi. You can tell Automake about these dependencies using the
 texi_TEXINFOS variable. Here is how GNU Hello does it:

     info_TEXINFOS = hello.texi
     hello_TEXINFOS = gpl.texi

But unfortunately it doesn't appear to work as described, at least not
in the general case.

I have in my automake file:

doc_pspp_TEXINFOS = \
        doc/intro.texi \

[.. lots of rows deleted ..]

        doc/license.texi \
        doc/not-implemented.texi \

[.. lots of rows deleted ..]

        doc/tutorial.texi \

[.. lots of rows deleted ..]

doc_not_implemented_TEXINFOS = doc/ni.texi
doc_tutorial_TEXINFOS = doc/tut.texi

and in doc/not-implemented.texi there is the line @include doc/ni.texi
Similarly in doc/tutorial.texi there is @include doc/tut.texi

But the dependencies aren't generated.  Consequently, the build fails
with :

./doc//tutorial.texi:3: @include `doc/tut.texi': No such file or  directory.

I have to manually run "make doc/tut.texi doc/ni.texi"

Am I using automake wrong or is automake behaving wrong?


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