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Re: Problems with linking multiple lex/yacc parsers into one executable

From: Philip Herron
Subject: Re: Problems with linking multiple lex/yacc parsers into one executable
Date: Sun, 17 May 2009 18:01:21 +0100
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> To be completely portable (not depending on flex options) I don't
> think either the prefix/outfile options or the prefix commandline
> option can be given to lex (they are not mentioned in lex(1p) at
> least).
Yeah your right about that! There are so many implmentations at least
bison and flex are the most common now ;).
> In that case the manual would only need to be updated on how that
> is accomplished but should otherwise still be correct. That, and
> maybe an update to the listed defines since that is only really
> about just using yacc, not in tandem with lex, as I had to extend
> the list with these (lex?) symbols:
> #define yyin                fooyy_in #define yyout
> fooyy_out #define yywrap              fooyy_wrap #define yylineno
> fooyy_lineno #define yy_flex_debug       fooyy_flex_debug #define
> yy_create_buffer    fooyy_create_buffer #define yy_flush_buffer
> fooyy_flush_buffer #define yy_switch_to_buffer
> fooyy_switch_to_buffer #define yy_delete_buffer
> fooyy_delete_buffer #define yypush_buffer_state
> fooyy_push_buffer_state #define yypop_buffer_state
> fooyy_pop_buffer_state #define yy_scan_buffer
> fooyy_scan_buffer #define yy_scan_string      fooyy_scan_string
> #define yy_scan_bytes       fooyy_scan_bytes #define yylex_destroy
> fooyy_lex_destroy #define yyget_lineno        fooyy_get_lineno
> #define yyget_in            fooyy_get_in #define yyget_out
> fooyy_get_out #define yyget_leng          fooyy_get_leng #define
> yyget_text          fooyy_get_text #define yyget_debug
> fooyy_get_debug #define yyset_lineno        fooyy_set_lineno
> #define yyset_in            fooyy_set_in #define yyset_out
> fooyy_set_out #define yyset_debug         fooyy_set_debug #define
> yyrestart           fooyy_restart #define yyalloc
> fooyy_alloc #define yyrealloc           fooyy_realloc #define
> yyfree              fooyy_free
Ah yeah i tried to get that whole re-define to work that gdb uses but
i couldn't ever get it working. I see what you mean! It takes alot of
playing around that you would really want though.

There are so many different ways of doing it, but if we think from
automakes perspective, it would be really nice to keep it so as you
dont care about automake compiles your code. so as your still able to
just add in the sources. Do you think there is a way to make ylwrap
generate this whole redefine of symbols to make the -prefix option
standard within automake and ylwrap!

So maby we could have a

AM_YFLAGS = -d -p prefix
AM_LFLAGS = -pprefix

So we make sure ylwrap is able to accept the prefix by generating a
header with the red-define of symbols
and add it to each of the sources could be a way to go.

Hmm i might make up a test case for this just to keep my head on
straight :P

- --Phil
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