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using C# in automake

From: Andreas Otto
Subject: using C# in automake
Date: Sun, 24 May 2009 19:26:16 +0200
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  I want to create an language binding for a "C" libraray 

        this mean I have as input an file called "csmsgque.cs"
        and get as output an "csmsgque.dll" on unix

My current makefile looks like:

        mkdir .libs
        $(CSCOMP) -v -unsafe -nologo -out:./.libs/$@ -target:library $<

pkglib_LIBRARIES = csmsgque.dll

csmsgque_dll_sources = csmsgque.cs

but I get the following error

csmsgque/ `csmsgque.dll' is not a standard library name
csmsgque/ did you mean `libcsmsgque.a'?

I need docs on howto create NON-C language project which create
language specific executables or libraries into automake

I want to create this libraries into the ".libs" directory as "libtool" does
and finally I want to install these files into the "pkglibdir" / "bindir" 
directory for install ..
and I want that the language specific source files "*.cs"
be included into the dist
and I want that this is tested during distcheck as well

  -> lot of stuff, but a template would be fine for other users as well


  Andreas Otto

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