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library dependencies SUBDIR problem automake

From: Michiel Soede
Subject: library dependencies SUBDIR problem automake
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2009 16:01:55 +0000

I have a problem with dependencies to libraries in my build structure.the 
directory structure in my project is as follows (roughly):

configure.acmakefile.amapps/         app1/                  comps/         
the component makefile generates a library:noinst_LIBRARIES = 
libcomp1.alibcomp1a_a_SOURCES =
I recurse in all subdirectories, using SUBDIRS:SUBDIRS = apps comps
in the comps:SUBDIRS = comp1
same for the apps directory.
the app1 uses LDADD to link the app with
bin_PROGRAMS = app1app1_SOURCES = main.ccapp1_LDADD = 
Now when I call make at the root, everything is build correctly.
But when I cd into apps/app1/ and call make, I have problems with:
- if comp1 was not made before (e.g. from the root), make will fail  (no rule 
to make libcomp1.a)
- if I did make the library at the root, it is not recompiled automatically 
when  I modify
.. any ideas on these problems?


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