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My approach for moving PACKAGE and VERSION

From: Roger Leigh
Subject: My approach for moving PACKAGE and VERSION
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2009 13:34:16 +0100
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Hello again,

Following the earlier thread a few months back
("RFE: allow for computed version number"), I was looking for a
solution to this problem at the time, and implemented a scheme
similar to that proposed.  In case it's useful for anyone else, I'll
detail what I'm doing below.

I use git, and end up having the PACKAGE and VERSION in multiple
places, including:
git release tags

Being able to eliminate some of this redundant information would
be great.  The scripts and files below /are/ hacky; having some
support for this in the tools would remove most, if not all, of

I think looking at the bigger picture, what would be really useful
would be for both autoconf and automake to have a generalised
mechanism for getting information about a package.  This could be
as simple as calling a hook script which is written by the user.
Like the script below, it could return key: value pairs and parse
out the needed bits, or it could have an argument requesting the
wanted bit of information.

This script could get the information directly from the VCS and/or
files in the source distribution (so it will work both with and
without the presence of a VCS).

Information that would be useful:
Release date
Distributor/Origin (to indicate origin if redistributed modified)
 [already hacked into e.g. binutils and gcc; having a standardised
  method would be good]



Call a script git-version to generate a VERSION file, containing the
information necessary for and then autoreconf.

NOTE: automake --gnu requires a ChangeLog, but nowadays this might be
generated at "make dist" time; please consider making --gnu mandate a
changelog in $distdir instead.  This has the same result for the end
distributed source, but doesn't constrain the developer to maintain a
manually written changelog.


set -e

# Generate version information from git release tag

./scripts/git-version > VERSION

# To satisfy automake
touch ChangeLog

# Bootstrap autotools
autoreconf --verbose --force --install

rm -rf autom4te.cache


Generated using the git-version script (see below)

Package: sbuild
Version: 0.59.1-rc1
Release-Date: 02 Aug 2009
Released-By: Roger Leigh <address@hidden>
Git-Tag: release/sbuild-0.59.1-rc1

Similar to what others are doing.  I just changed the command to parse
the particular syntax in my generated VERSION file above.  I've just
added a prefix so I don't conflict with autoconf/automake's

dnl m4 magic from Eric Blake <address@hidden>, prior to automake inclusion
[m4_format([[%.*s]], m4_bregexp(m4_translit([$1], [
]]m4_dquote(_m4_defn([m4_cr_all]))[, [/]]m4_format([%255s], [])[),
  [/*$]), [$1])])
dnl Quoting the first argument results in a bizarrely corrupted package tarname
AC_INIT(sbuild_m4_esyscmd_s([sed -ne 
'/^Package:/{s/Package:[[:space:]][[:space:]]*//p;q}' VERSION]),
        [sbuild_m4_esyscmd_s([sed -ne 
'/^Version:/{s/Version:[[:space:]][[:space:]]*//p;q}' VERSION])],


I use a tagging scheme where releases are named
so we get the version by looking for the release tag, chopping it up,
and then writing out the information, which includes other information
such as the release date and who make the release.  The release date
is currently also used in and then AC_DEFINED.

Yes, this is backwards.  You shouldn't have to tag the release prior
to actually making it.  This means I now create -rc1 version tags after
making a release in order to get a sensible release number.  Ideally,
I should get that from NEWS, as done below for the tagging script, and
create the release version in dist-hook.


TAG="$(git describe --abbrev=0 --match='release/*')"
PACKAGE="$(echo "$PKGVER" | sed -e 's/^\([^-]*\)-\(.*\)$/\1/')"
VERSION="$(echo "$PKGVER" | sed -e 's/^\([^-]*\)-\(.*\)$/\2/')"
COMMIT="$(git rev-parse "$TAG^{}")"
COMMIT_DATE="$(git log -1 --date=iso "$COMMIT" --pretty="format:%ad")"

RELEASE_DATE="$(date --date="$COMMIT_DATE" '+%d %b %Y')"
RELEASE_BY="$(git show "$TAG" | sed -ne 

echo "Package: $PACKAGE"
echo "Version: $VERSION"
echo "Release-Date: $RELEASE_DATE"
echo "Released-By: $RELEASE_BY"
echo "Git-Tag: $TAG"


Use to make the release tags.  We use the package name and version
from the NEWS file.  This is one bit of custom scripting that will be
replaced by the dist-git rule.


set -e

PACKAGE="$(sed -ne '/^Welcome to /{s/Welcome 
 < NEWS)"
VERSION="$(sed -ne '/^Welcome to /{s/Welcome 
 < NEWS)"

if [ -z "$PACKAGE" ] || [ -z "$VERSION" ]; then
  echo "Error parsing package name and version from NEWS"
  exit 1

echo "Tagging ${PACKAGE} version ${VERSION} as 'release/${PACKAGE}-${VERSION}'"
git tag -s "release/${PACKAGE}-${VERSION}" -m "${PACKAGE} version ${VERSION}"


  .''`.  Roger Leigh
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