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modula-2 modules

From: Martin Kalbfuß
Subject: modula-2 modules
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2009 20:02:54 +0200

Last time I was here, I asked how to compile a program writen in a
foreign language.

Now I try to distribute GNU Modula-2 Modules with Autotools. Modula-2
doesn't use archived static libraries like C does. Instead the object
files are distributed and installed with the definition modules in a
subdirectory of the module directory. Optionally the sources are
installed, too.

When I want to create a static C library I use lib_LIBRARIES. But how to
install the modules desribed above.

I have 


I want to compile


And install all of them.

And install them all in the module directory of the used gm2 compiler.
This is the second point. Which is the best way to find a directory and
set it as the install path for my module files?



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