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I need a hint to integrate a php-extension build into an existing automa

From: Andreas Otto
Subject: I need a hint to integrate a php-extension build into an existing automake
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2009 11:20:09 +0200
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  I want to add a "php" extension into an allready existing project creating
  various extensions to other languages as well

  I use automake/autoconf for build top-level project. My new "php"
  extension has the name "phpmsgque" build in the subdirectory
  of the same name. The sudirectory is filled with all files necessary 
  to build a php extension

  php requires the following steps to build an extension,
  1. change into the phpmsgque directory
  2. run the tool:      
        -> this tool create a complete autoconf build environment
                including ""
  3. run the command:
                ./configure --enable-phpmsgque
        -> this create a "Makefile"
  4. now use make .... for build

now my problem:

1. while running the toplevel "automake" (or autoreconf)  I would like to run
    the tool "phpize" in the phpmsgque subdirectory to create the php build
   environment. I have the "" (not used in the php build) to
   add instructions to link the both build environments.
2. while run toplevel "configure" I would like to run the "configure"
        script in the "phpmsgque" subdirectory as well

so I looking for an integration of 2 build environments

the second question is easy to solve I use


in the toplevel but the php build  environment has
"no" AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE to get a "full" integration

I use the docs from automake info pages to get the info
from above to integrate two packages:

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