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RE: Difficulty cross-compiling

From: William Tracy (wtracy)
Subject: RE: Difficulty cross-compiling
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 19:30:14 -0700

Probably not, but I could poke around and see.

I suspect I ultimately need to grab someone from our build team and get
them to escalate this to MontaVista; I thought I'd try on a few mailers
first and see if I might get a response without going through multiple
layers of indirection. :-P

Ralph: MontaVista's binaries seem to follow the naming convention
<arch>-<variant>-linux-gnu-<app>. I haven't figured out yet what flags
to pass to ./configure to make it work, so I've just been explicitly
specifying which binaries to use. :-P

William Tracy

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I did a lot of what you are talking about when I was there - do you have
access to any of the ATC stuff?


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