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OS independent build results

From: Andreas Otto
Subject: OS independent build results
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 2009 19:20:16 +0100
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  currently I try to improve my build environment. I want to add "OS" 
  independent build results like

        java "class" files or mono "clr" libraries/excutable 

  into the distribution
  1) the problem is the VPATH build. the files from above are
      in the "srcdir" and not in the "builddir" (1'st location)

  2) if one of the "prerequisite" file are touched
        (java -> *.java", mono -> *.cs")
     the "new" class or clr file(s) are in the "builddir" (2'nd location)
    after the build

  -> now I have 2 locations from which the "dist" or a other command
     like the java "jar" can take the files
  3) only for case 2) the VPATH build have to clean up the files

  4) for a very special vase VB.NET CLR files can only be compiled
    on a special OS (Windows). A non-Windows OS should use
    the dist files and print a WARNING message if a build have to be 

is a solution available?

one solution would be that vor a VPATH build I can specify a set
of dirs/files (in a variable) to COPIED first from the srcdir
into the builddir, these copied files have to be removed in a
"distclean" -> attention the copy have only be done if the
target of the same name is not available


  Andreas Otto

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