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Re: AIX linking: -berok in aclocal.m4 and libtool

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: AIX linking: -berok in aclocal.m4 and libtool
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2010 16:02:35 +0100
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Hello Daniel,

* Daniel Pocock wrote on Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 02:09:55PM CET:
> Could anyone share any advice on using autoconf and automake to
> prepare a distribution tarball that will work on AIX?  Normally, I
> build the tarball on Linux (Debian 5).  The AIX users need to be
> able to use the tarball to build an executable (gmond), a static
> library (libmetrics) and a bunch of DSOs (e.g.
> Some AIX users of Ganglia have raised queries about the -berok
> linker flag in aclocal.m4, and whether it is necessary to patch
> aclocal.m4 to remove this flag.
> We're also trying various other things to improve the AIX support,
> e.g. adding "-Wl,-bexpfull" to LDFLAGS or GLDFLAGS in various
> places.
> This all comes out of
> - bug report (Ganglia bug 227)
> - and subsequent email discussion 

I haven't looked into this in detail yet; I would like to, but it might
be a while.  Is the source code of this package available for download
(URL)?  What other software would I need to build this?  Thanks.

A few general comments:

This is probably a Libtool issue rather than an Automake one.

I noticed in the PR a diff against libtool.  I hope you're not putting
the generated libtool script in version-control anywhere.

Issues with modules on AIX are often fixed most easily by using
runtimelinking.  You enable that with libtool by adding -Wl,-brtl
to LDFLAGS at configure time:
  ./configure LDFLAGS=-Wl,-brtl

This has a small performance impact, which is why it is not the default.


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