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Installing Perl modules in @INC

From: Youssef Eldakar
Subject: Installing Perl modules in @INC
Date: Tue, 2 Feb 2010 16:28:45 +0200
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I have a package that uses Perl modules that I would like installed in @INC, e.g., in /usr/share/perl5. Searching through the Automake list archives, the most relevant thread I was able to locate was:

However, the solution suggested therein spoke of using Stow, while I wish to stick to an Autotools-only setup, where the Perl modules are installed in @INC. I suppose hard-coding perllibdir = $(pkgdatadir)/perl5 would not really be a good idea, or would it?

I would appreciate any pointers.

Youssef Eldakar
Bibliotheca Alexandrina

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