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Re: Subpackage distclean removed parent package dep files

From: BVK Chaitanya
Subject: Re: Subpackage distclean removed parent package dep files
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2010 23:32:11 +0530


With little more research, this is what I am able to figure out:

1.  Enabling subdir-objects option creates .Po files in ".deps"
directories in each _SOURCE file's directories.

In a nested packages configuration, this can cause top-level packages'
_SOURCE and nested packages' _SOURCE to share same .deps directory
(specifically, if any source file is shared between both packages.)

2. Default rule for distclean target removes .deps directory
completely, instead of removing .Po files individually; so a distclean
operation in nested package removes .Po files that are generated by
top-level Makefile.

3. When distclean returns from nested package Makefile to top-level
Makefile, all include */.deps/foo.Po statements (result of
@AMDEP_TRUE@@address@hidden) fail, because .Po files got deleted.

I still need to investigate how to workaround this issue :-(


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