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unconditional version of EXTRA_DIST

From: Andreas Jellinghaus
Subject: unconditional version of EXTRA_DIST
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2010 14:11:52 +0100
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I'm told EXTRA_DIST files are optional - automake
will include them if they exist, but also go on,
if those files do not exist.

so what do I use to include some file in the distribution,
but not have automake do anything with it (change/install/..)?

so far my uses EXTRA_DIST in some places,
but I want automake to fail if the files are not there.
(the files are not used by anything on unix/linux/gnu/mingw,
for example "Makefile.mak" files for building with visual stdio/c).

dist_DATA or something like that?

Thanks, Andreas

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