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Lex, Yacc, and distcheck

From: Clifford Yapp
Subject: Lex, Yacc, and distcheck
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2010 20:28:00 -0500

I have a problem with some Lex and Yacc files.  They require newer
versions of flex/bison/m4 be present on the system to correctly
generate code, and that's not something that can always be assumed.
I've cooked up some configure logic to check the version of flex
available in  What I'm trying to do is have the build
run flex and bison if the versions available are high enough, and if
that's not possible I'd like to fall back to building alternate static
copies of the generated source code.  This functions in normal build
situations, but a make distcheck on a machine where flex and yacc are
not up to par still results in make attempting to process the .ll and
.yy files, despite the conditional logic.

Is there a way at the level to prevent the distcheck
target running flex and bison on these files?


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