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Re: build .o files to specific directory using automake

From: S.C. Leung
Subject: Re: build .o files to specific directory using automake
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2010 09:31:03 +0800

Here is the structure of the project:
project root
  -- src/
  |     |
  |     -- Many subdirectories/ ...
  -- build/
  -- srcipts/
        -- configure script
        -- other tools

when user run ./configure all object files should be generated under build/
directory with the same directory structure of src/ directory.
Here's two problems:
1. cause usually configure is put under project root, configure even
couldn't generate Makefile properly.
2. I think SUB/DIR/ you mentioned above can only be set by VPATH build. That
means I need to write another script to change current directory and run
configure there, right?

I know the structure is weird. I just wonder if automake and autoconf can
reach there by simply setting some variables.
Thanks a lot!


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