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Re: Building prog first

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: Building prog first
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 13:15:23 -0400

   2010/3/22 Alfred M. Szmidt <address@hidden>:
   > If searching is the problem

   *Web* searching is the answer, not the problem.

It isn't when you are not connected to a network.

   > how does the indices not fix the problem?

   I rarely find anything useful in the indices other than particular
   functions or variables. Rarely, in GNU manuals, concepts, but that is
   because they do not, on the whole, have good general indices.

Do you have a list of such manuals? Would you like to report this to
the relevant maintainers?  One cannot improve what one does not know

   > What about using a info browser to search through the manual?

   I often do that. The trouble is that often what I want to know has to
   be deduced from the manual, which is natural enough, because the
   manual tends to be structured according to the structure of the
   program it documents, rather than of the problems the user is trying
   to solve. By using web searches I can often find people asking and
   answering precisely the problem I'm trying to solve.

Would youlike to suggest a better structuring for some manuals?

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