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dynamic include in

From: Tim Just
Subject: dynamic include in
Date: Fri, 02 Apr 2010 10:04:13 +0200
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the project I am working on uses GNU autotools as build system and has
the following structure:


We use one central to avoid the recursive use of make. This
central contains all information related to app/ and lib/.
However each module defines its build system information in an own that is located in modules/. A typical
looks like this:

---------- module ----------

lib_LTLIBRARIES += modules/update/app/

modules_update_app_libupdate_la_SOURCES = modules/update/app/update.c

app_app_LDADD += modules/update/app/


By default each module should be included to the central Furthermore it should be possible to disable modules per
configure option. That is to not include the corresponding module

My first approach was to include an intermediate file generated by
configure. This file (e.g. Makefile.modules) is always included by Each configure run changes the content of Makefile.modules
according to the module configuration.

This solution works for in-tree builds, but there are problems with
VPATH builds and the make distcheck target.

Anyway I want to get rid of this intermediate file. Therfore I'm
searching a way to include the module's to the central, but without knowing which or how many modules exists.

Since includes with wildcards (as in GNU make), don't work in automake,
I've no idea how to realize that.

I use automake 1.11 and autoconf 2.13.

Is there a way to realize the explained functionality?

Thank you,


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